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How to plan a road trip: Part 1

Take a look at any travel group on social media and a common question is something along the lines of "We are planning to drive from A to B, any suggestions?"

Sani Pass to Molumong

January 2019 Sani Pass Strictly speaking, Sani Pass is in South Africa and not in Lesotho but I’ve included it here as it provides the only access for vehicles into Lesotho from KwaZulu-Natal. Also, driving Read more…


January 2019 Lesotho, 1984. My first visit to Lesotho was an Easter weekend, I think 1984. Somewhere I’d read an article about this Mountain Kingdom and the name of one particular mountain pass caught my Read more…

Lower Lotheni Road

January 2019 Fairly early into my journey I’d first encountered the Drakensberg near its northernmost reaches in Limpopo. Next I explored the peaks of Mariepskop in the Mpumalanga Drakensberg. In eSwatini, I touched the easternmost Read more…

Valley of a Thousand Hills

January 2019 A Picture From My Youth When I was a young boy in Zambia, my parents’ best friends were Uncle Bob and Aunt Betty. They had two sons around my own age so obviously Read more…

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