Think of Limpopo and images of ancient baobabs come to mind.

My story officially begins on the 28th June 2018 when I moved out of my permanent home and embarked on the life of a nomad. Faced with unlimited options of where to go, I guess the most logical would be to start close to home and proceed from there. After a short stay near Pretoria for final preparations and making sure I’d packed all the necessary I headed north.

Limpopo is South Africa’s northernmost province and its fifth largest. Although it has a lot to offer visitors, Limpopo is generally overlooked as a tourist destination in favour of the more southerly provinces. For many years I’d been keeping a “bucket list” of places that captured my imagination and that I’d wanted to explore but somehow never found the time for in the busyness of spinning the hamster wheel. Limpopo had a number of these places and now I had all the time needed to take a look.

My camp setup for longer stays

The places of interest I visited in my journey through Limpopo


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