In 2018 I sold my house, put most of my belongings in storage and embarked on the trip of my dreams. The plan was to only travel for one year before settling down again somewhere. More than three years later I was still travelling!

During this time I drove more than 50 000 kilometres around South Africa, eSwatini and Lesotho exploring the beauty of this wonderful and diverse region. On these pages I’d like to share my experiences and hopefully encourage readers to get moving and go exploring for themselves.

South Africa caters to the needs of all types of traveller from pampered five-star luxury to rugged self-sufficient wilderness. I’ve always been a keen explorer and I enjoy taking the back roads. Through the years I’ve been very fortunate to visit most of the popular destinations throughout the country but there were always those hidden, difficult to get to spots that caught my attention and were added to the must-see list. The aim of this trip was all about getting to those lesser-known gems. A bucket-list trip of sorts.

Take time to browse through the posts and you’ll discover some of the most picturesque and remote places in Southern Africa. I’ll give you my reasons why I think the places are worth a visit. Through my interest in photography I’ll try and show you what I saw.

Most people who travel are on a tight budget. So am I! So I’ll show you my camping setup and how I managed to stretch my budget so that I could carry on travelling as long as possible.

Fuel, accommodation and food are the main expenses of any trip. Planning an efficient route, finding affordable accommodation and making inexpensive and easy meals will all be dealt with as the site grows.

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