Places like this are the reason I travel.

18 August 2010

Here I sit at work. Bored! Hating the thought of having to be here. I always read about people saying how one should do what you’re passionate about to be successful. I’m not passionate about my work. I do it because I have to earn a living. So, what am I passionate about? Well, I love travelling. Not the fake 5-star hotels type of travel. No! I want to discover new places and meet real people. I want to come back from my trip and tell people about places they’ve probably never heard of. I want them to become curious and go see those places for themselves. The rougher and remoter the place, the better for me. But all this passion for travel needs time and money. So, like an addict, I sit in my office, pretending to like my job whilst dreaming of how and where to get my next fix. How do I save enough to pay for my next high? How can I get more time off to go and explore? Where to go next?

June 2018

The above was written one morning sitting in an office, daydreaming.

Off The Hamster Wheel is about the dream that became a reality and more importantly sharing my adventure with you. The fantastic places I’ve visited, the experiences I’ve had and some of the wonderful people I’ve met.

Almost eight years after putting my dreams in writing, it was suddenly a dream no more. At the end of June 2018 the journey began.

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