Trip started on 14 August 2018

at Pretoria, Gauteng Province.

Last updated 30 January 2021

at Langebaan, Western Cape Province.

The Covid Pandemic

Since March 2019 the Covid-19 virus has been raging across all the countries of the world, severely restricting free travel. For some time, South Africa was placed under complete lockdown and we were not able to travel at all. Gradually travel restrictions were lifted but the possibility of being infected by the virus was still very much a reality.

In normal circumstances, my situation requires me to stay in campsites where I would usually have to share facilities with other travellers, increasing the risk of exposure to the virus. As a result, I’ve had to drastically cut down my travels and restrict movement to smaller areas.

The journey still continues, but at a far slower pace.

Previous milestones

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